cathARTic Ltd

What our clients are saying...

"Thank you for putting together the Arts workshop and creating your new business. She had such a lovely day and made such beautiful things. She can't wait for the next one!"

"Working with my mother on a regular basis has made a huge difference to her general well being. She is so happy and looks forward to the sessions each week. I have seen an improvement in her memory and lucidity as the projects are all catered to her mental stimulation, a vital medicine for someone living with Dementia."

"I hope the workshop is the first of many. He was so delighted with all the activities and how they were mixed up...he also got experience of chatting to different staff which is good. If only he could do that everyday. Thank you both!" 

"Thank you for taking her away and making it the most amazing week for her. Thank you for everything you are doing to make her trip very special"