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Our core belief is that enriching peoples' lives through imaginative art programmes has a positive impact on health and wellbeing, enhancing lives by opening a new perspective. This creative arts organisation offers a scope of stimulating programmes to address happiness, resilience, rehabilitation, loneliness, isolation or integration, inspiring confidence and artistic ability. We aim to provide vibrant, innovative and thought-provoking programmes, improving the quality of life for all involved. Cathartic offers regular professional workshops, relaxed and friendly, in the safety of peoples' own environment or establishment, enabling a wide range of social groups the opportunity to access and engage in our bespoke programmes. Our programmes offer artistic, tailor made activities which allow each person to grow and find their creative voice, through a cathartic process. 

Cathartic looks to improve lives by providing dynamic arts workshops for the elderly and young people, young peoples' resilience and confidence building programmes, therapeutic sessions for bereaved families, inventive reintegration programmes for reformed offenders, bespoke Special Educational Needs and Disabilities arts workshops, all innovative and varied hands-on activities designed to be accessible to everyone. These allow individuals to explore their own creative journey as well as getting involved in exciting collaborative projects - all promoting the health and wellbeing of the individual.

Current Workshops and Programmes

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